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what the impact of the sequestration is going to be on the budget. the department of defense, because we've had no budget out of harry reid and the democrats on the senate side for four years, we've been operating on continuing resolutions. when you have continuing resolution that takes the previous year funding levels and you have to request changes. frankly it's cost the american taxpayer hundreds of millions of dollars and had an impact but it belongs on harry reid's seat. >> neil: commander. thank you. i think harry reid needs lanny davis, five rules with coping for crisis in business, politics and life. among them is talking straight, right? >> harry reid has a very good heart and i am sorry that the commander jumps to impugning motives rather than disagreeing with the way senator reid did it. i would call it a gaffe. >> neil: you think he was making an incorrect link? >> i don't think he meant to. he's too good of a man. >> neil: he mentioned it in the context of the soldiers and -- not good and crisis management rule number 1 is when you make a mistake, you immediately say i di
from china, in order to have a missile defense shield against north korea. that the status. >> neil: when the president goes to israel and talking about bridging the divide with benjamin netanyahu, who is still cobbling together the last piece of the coalition government, will anything change? obviously you're no stranger to the ill will between our countries and that is supposed to be a fence, building effort. >> well, i'm all about end results and not about words and trips. it's amazing to me that this is the president's first trip. he went to turkey and gave a speech. he went to saudi araina, cairo and made his speech about reaching out and building bridged with the muslim world. now we see israel in the neighborhood that is absolutely unconscionable and threatening to its security. so, the faith behind the doors, nicolas sarkozy, the way treated prime minister benjamin netanyahu previously, i don't think anything will change. the president saying we're moving our embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem and recognize that jerusalem is the rightful capital but if you go back to the dnc
and favor continuing big government. i argue whether it's republicans pushing for more defense or democrats pushing for entitlements, it's a one-way street to disaster. >> if think the american people have not awakened and have not -- when january 1st came around i spoke to a lot of business people. i'm involve with job creators alliance. and those people, small businesses, should be joining that organization. when i go around and peeking to -- speaking to small businesses, they tell me the same thing. when january 1st came around and that first wake of paychecks came in, and they got the benefit -- the disbenefit of having less money in their payroll because of the tax increase, you know who they blamed the blame the employer. nobody blamed the administration. and. >> neil: you're right. >> and so i really believe that the propaganda is working, and i think that this p.r. campaign they have in congress, they're going to convince the american people that spending is good for america, and don't worry about the debt. and i think the american people are buying it. what can i tell you? >> neil:
what ryan is trying to do -- because he does put caps on defense spending, she puts caps on other spending -- that maybe in a weird way, there is a way to bridge this divide. what do you think? >> i don't think they're going to bridge the divide. the fact the republicans control the house, people are happy that at least the republicans, the ryan plan, they're trying to do the right thing. it balances, even though they don't believe it ought to take ten years. secondly, it defunds obamacare. you had handearlier done. >> neil: that's a nonstarter, right? you're not a fan of obamacare but to defund it, how likely is that? >> it's not likely at all. but, neil, people on main street want people to at least do the right things for the right reason and the rollout of obamacare has been such a dollars, businesses are dropping insurance. businesses are trying to get workers to work below 30 hours so they don't have to pay the fine. i get all kind of calls on my radio show where people are looking for ways to survive, like betsy mccoy talked about, and that's because obamacare is basically
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4